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Meet Carlton

Carlton D. Boyd, MHA, PhD

 South Carolina Gubernatorial Candidate

Carlton D. Boyd is the youngest of four children of two educators, with a combined 80+ years of experience in public education in South Carolina schools.  Carlton’s parents are both first generation college graduates, both born to parents who’ve raised six children each on blue collar incomes. Carlton’s paternal grandparents made their way through life with adequate accommodations despite not being educated beyond the 8th grade.

Carlton’s mother, the daughter of a seamstress and a sixth grade educated, Dixie-Cup employee and a small business owner specializing in photography, managed to co-parent and raise four children while balancing her commitments to her service of being a committed schoolteacher, a choir member,                                                                           and a Sunday School Teacher. 

Pictured Center:  Mrs. Boyd with one of her 1st Grade Classes

Carlton’s father, a Vietnam veteran and the son of a sharecropper and poultry-plant employee, started his education in a one room schoolhouse, yet went on to become a teacher, a principal, an assistant superintendent and interim superintendent before retirement giving 50 years of public service in education. 

Pictured Above: Carlton D. Boyd with one of his Kindergarten teachers (The late Mrs. Baldwin)  at one of Carlton's father's retirement celebrations.  


Not Pictured and yet, not forgotten: Mrs. Forrest


Carlton’s early education began in the Darlington County School System. In 1995, his Freshman year, Mayo High School and St. John’s High School, finally integrated as a result of a court order written in 1970, and revisited decades later due to the original court order never being enforced (Stanley v. Darlington County School District). The integration of the two schools led to the formation of Darlington High School’s Career Center. Carlton interviewed to enroll in the newly formed Mayo Magnet School, was accepted, but decided to opt out of the opportunity to attend Darlington High School. This wise decision allowed Carlton to be introduced to the trades of healthcare via enrollment in Diversified Health Occupations that provided shadowing opportunities with local nursing homes, hospitals, physical rehabilitation centers, and Emergency Medical Services.

In between church and school, Carlton was an active member of the Key Club, theater, the National Honor Society when he was not working his first part-time job at the world-famous, Thunderbird Restaurant. 

Carlton’s other civic duties surrounded activities related to The Boy Scouts of America, Troop 249, Habitat for Humanity, serving on his church’s Usher Board, volunteering at the Darlington Free Medical Clinic and serving as a page in the South Carolina General Assembly while attending Benedict College, a South Carolina, HBCU (Historically Black College and University). 

Dr. Boyd is a healthcare specialist, with a focus on the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) in targeted populations and the population health in communities throughout the state of South Carolina. 

In previous years, Carlton Boyd, PhD has worked as a CDC trained Harm Reduction Counselor in Comprehensive Risk Reduction Counseling Services through local non-profits, with partnerships with the CDC (Center of Disease Control) to reduce recidivism rates in South Carolina for citizens transitioning out of the South Carolina Department of Corrections and back into local South Carolina communities, in efforts to also reduce homelessness throughout the state while linking program participants to employment opportunities and affordable healthcare. 

Carlton completed the South Carolina Office of Rural Health’s Palmetto Initiative for Excellence (PIE), a Public Health Fellowship while simultaneously working in Eau Claire Cooperative’s Health Center’s Executive Offices. ECCHC (Eau Claire Cooperative Health Center), is South Carolina’s largest and oldest FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Centers). Prior to this, Carlton worked for the American Red Cross Laboratory Services department, which provided life-saving blood products for transfusions, surgical procedures, national crisis and other emergency blood needs. Carlton has worked in these capacities, testing for West Nile, SARS-Cov (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and H1N1 (Swine Flu) Viruses during these epidemics. 

Dr. Boyd serves on the Board of the largest hospital system in the state of South Carolina; the very hospital system that Carlton worked in on first shift as an Operating Room Aide before working an entire second shift daily, at the world’s largest non-profit, the American Red Cross.

Carlton worked the two jobs while attending night classes on a couple of evenings, and weekends out of each month to gain credit hours that went toward the completion of his Masters of Healthcare Administration degree. 

As an Early Intervention Services professional, working at DAODAS (Department of Alcohol and other Drug Abuse Services) in a partnership with DHEC’s (South Carolina’s Department of Environmental Health and Control’s) Bureau of Disease’s HIV/AIDS and STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Sexually Transmitted Infections) Division, Carlton supervised testing for HIV at EIS sites (Early Intervention Sites). These Early Intervention Sites provided care for persons at risk of contracting HIV and AIDS at the peak of the beginning of the Opioid/ Overdose epidemic. This Public Health Crisis prompted President Obama to send $920,000,000 of the $1.1 Billion dollars he budgeted to the DOJ (Department of Justice) in conjunction with HHS (Health and Human Services). These funds were allocated to support cooperative agreements with states to expand access to medication-assisted treatment for Opioid Use Disorders, of which $6,575,623 went to the state of South Carolina in a state targeted two-year response grant. 

Carlton Boyd spent several evenings at various Drug and Substance Abuse satellite sites providing supervision of Court Ordered PTI (Pre-Trial Intervention) Evidence Based Interventions for adolescent students that provided HIV/AIDS awareness and reduced teenage pregnancy rates in South Carolina. 

In more recent years, Dr. Boyd has been employed with government sponsored, Fortune 100 companies ranking in the top 50 of the Forbes Lists.  Carlton has worked for Managed Care Organizations that have been responsible for the oversight of the disbursements of funding from CMS (Center of Medicare and Medicaid) and the South Carolina Department of Health & Human Services. These multi-billion-dollar companies also provided supervision of clinical care for recipients of Medicaid, Medicare and the ACA (The Affordable Care Act) health insurance coverage plans.

Pictured Above:  Carlton D. Boyd, MHA, PhD, former CASA Supervisor with the founder of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Quarterbacks, a national program founded (by Paige Greene, Executive Director) to increase male advocacy for children that have been  placed into Emergency Protective Custody to escape sexual and physical abuse and medical and educational neglect. CASA Quarterbacks has become a repeat #1 award winning program that has been adopted in major cities through the United States. 

As a volunteer and as a community organizer, Carlton Boyd has been very instrumental in COVID Testing by establishing COVID Testing and vaccination sites throughout the state of South Carolina. 


Carlton Boyd is a member of Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity, Incorporated, one of nine Black Greek fraternities and sororities that make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Committee to Elect Carlton Boyd
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